Acer Being Signage

The Complete, Data-Driven Signage Solution

A Seamless Solution Comprised of Technology & Services

We focus on delivering a digital signage and video analytics service that is easily utilized by our customers so as to create the maximum amount of results.

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Why Choose ABS?

Do More. Save More.

Bring the cost of operating and maintaining your digital signage network under control with our robust and efficiently designed signage solution.


All The Tools You Need

  • Technical Consulting & Planning

    Our team will discuss and survey each site to better understand and plan according to our customer's digital signage needs.

  • Professional Installation

    Complies with all health and safety standards without impacting the aesthetics of each deployment site.

  • Pre-Installation

    Services including minor drilling and assembly work on select wall mounts for displays.

  • System Setup

    From enrollment of user accounts to device on-boarding, we make sure each ABS device is up to date with our latest, reliable, and feature rich software solutions.

  • Maintenance

    Keep your systems up to date, clean and avoid unwanted downtimes with quarterly maintenance visits.

  • 1st Level Support

    Our regional support center will coordinate with on-site support teams to ensure maximum screen up-time.

  • Break & Fix Service

    Next business day on-site product repair or exchange in case of defects.

  • Warranty Extensions

    Extend your warranty for up to 5 years to receive free-of-charge break-and-fix services as needed within the warranty period.






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